The mysterious story of an expedition is captivating for everyone. There have always been curious and brave people who have been particularly intrigued by mysteries and not afraid to pursue them. Now you can step into the shoes of an explorer for a while! What's more, you'll be ready to set off on a space expedition of astonishing discoveries. Collaboration is essential!


Robotics is becoming increasingly popular in all fields. Building robots presents you with challenges that motivate you even if they don't match your skills. It develops collaboration, project thinking and creative problem solving. It builds commitment to the point where even failure becomes an adventure.

To collaborative team members, completing one another is more important than competing with one another.

John C. Maxwell

Legó robot - együttműködés

EFFICIENT COOPERATION:     Team building in a company is an important and serious task that should not be neglected. Where the company organizes joint programs, employees appreciate this and are happy to attend. Such events are the most effective way of building a real team spirit and effective cooperation.

GOAL AND TOOLS:    It's no secret that team building aims to build better human relations, which can help to clarify sources of disputes and conflicts and thus improve the workplace atmosphere. Lego bricks are a great tool for motivation and the release of positive energy.

GAMIFICATION:    With Lego, but how? Only playfully! Call it project management or virtual - real expedition, in any case your team builds a robot and follows every step of a space expedition, from launching satellites into orbit, through rocket launches to landing on Mars. It involves working together, designing and building, sharing work and responsibility, collaboration and last but not least, a shared experience.


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