Lego Serious Play

If you’re involved in a project, it’s easier to accomplish if you have the tools: paper and pencil, a computer, but even a tape measure or a magnifying lens. We are visual and therefore we can assemble the described or drawn components more easily, making it easier to see the end result. Design thinking.

What if you create the components in three dimensions, for example from Lego?

“I’m enough of an artist to let my imagination run wild. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination is what surrounds the world. ”

Albert Einstein

LSP tanusítvány
Legók és emberek
Design thinking


A LEGO SERIOUS PLAY módszertan egy játékosított facilitációs technika, amely maximálisan bevonva a résztvevőket szinte azonnali, real-time problem detection and provides a solution. It takes that into account in all cases the man is in the centerand everyone's opinion matters. It is based on that people want to do good well and welcome contribute to supporting organizational decision-making, to build strategies. This also makes it easier for managers to make the optimal decision. Project-based thinking and responsibility, creative problem solving and communication are strengthened in the teams. Squeezing the colored cubes into new models, road ideas are born. The result is tangible, clear to everyone, clear and conveys an acceptable message.


Design Thinking is actually design thinking. A flowchart in which the rules of the algorithm are given. It has constants and variables, iteration, conditions and decision making. Shows which path to take and adds a new pair of glasses. In a rapidly and constantly changing world (VUCA), the path to a goal changes a lot and may be the goal itself, as continuous adaptation to external stimuli is essential.

By better understanding market and customer needs, leaving room for creativity and innovation, design thinking not only offers solutions but also encourages implementation is. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY módszertannal ötvözve a tervezési-gondolkodási folyamat jól követhető, a iterációs technika pedig nagy mértékben eliminates errors and saves time. Design thinking is a good tool for developing corporate strategies and processes, it helps to map real situations, it provides space for creativity and the validation of different perspectives.


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