A great suggestion for corporate events is a family day where employees and their families can re-experience the joy of play and discovery. Stepping into another dimension, father and son, mother and daughter can learn more about the tools of science and modern technology. Colorful robots and creative tasks provide a challenge that forges the community together and provides an unforgettable experience.

Három robot - Családi nap
Három robot - Családi nap
Három robot - Családi nap


Craft classes can always capture the attention of children. Little ones love to discover new shapes, colors, sounds and movements. With this, we have almost given the answer to why it is worth giving a set of toy robots to the children. On the one hand, they are already paired with a humanoid figure that performs all sorts of tasks on its own, flashes and even has a voice. On the other hand, their curiosity makes them think more about designing models made of LEGO® cubes. If you haven’t shown any interest in engineering so far, but parents think it’s worth embarking on this journey, a robotic family day is a great introduction to the world of exact sciences.


Robots can’t just be made from colored cubes. Magnetically connected smart cubes are also a big challenge not only for kids. Distance and light sensors can control back and forth, rotating and spinning small structures, also generating amplifying and weakening light and sound signals. With small modifications, the robot shape can change immediately, giving a new dimension to the task. We discover new possibilities in a matter of moments, as curiosity and creativity are our natural ingredients.

Small robots can also be involved in a logic-programming board game. Then this game is not. We don’t even realize that the game becomes learning, the kid learns the basics of programming, which he also likes.

Thought-driven drone, catapult robot, maze robot walk, musical fruits are all experiences that parents and children, but also co-workers and groups of employees can try together in a corporate environment.

The development of technology must not only be monitored, but also experienced! You have to jump on the scooter train! A robotic family day is a good time to do that.


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